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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to identify unusual activities in Gmail Account

Now a days security is the big issue for the online activities. Several groups are waiting to compromise the security systems with various tools or techniques. If it is about the email, then it is the most praying for rogue people.

If you are using Gmail for email and you have unauthorized access in your Gmail account then how do you will know such activities? However Gmail has very sophisticated securities. But such bad things happen to your Gmail, how you will be notified. 

To know the details, log into your Gmail account. Check out the right-bottom corner of the Gmail page. You will see “Last account activity:” for your account. Click “Details” and a pop up window will come up. It will show the last 10 log in details with date and time, IP address and Location, Browser information etc.

From here you will find out if any unusual activities happened to your Gmail account.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Feature has introduced for Facebook Page Admin

Day by day Facebook trying to add more functionalities for its users. As a consequence, Facebook has introduced new facilities for the admin’s who manages Facebook Page. Now if any page admin posts anything to the page timeline, it will be shown who has posted it or scheduled it for posting. The poster name will be appear just below the page name as Posted by . Same way, it will be applicable for the comments as well. The interesting fact is Posted by only will be seen by the admins of that page.

This feature is better and will be helpful for the page admins. Because if any page has more than 1 admin, then there is no trace who posted on the timeline or who are commenting. Now every post and comment will be traceable.

This information will only be visible on posts or comments created on or after February 20, 2014. This feature isn't available to everyone right now.

Monday, February 17, 2014

What is Trusted Contacts feature in Facebook?

Facebook has robust security facilities for its own as well as for the users. As day by day online threats are growing up, Facebook also trying to increase their security to keep everything safe from the external threats. They have introduced new security feature called Trusted Contacts.

Trusted Contacts are close friends that you can call for help if you ever have trouble accessing your account. These contacts have to be connected with you in the Facebook. So when you fall in trouble to access your account, lost your login credentials or your account compromised, you can use this Trusted Contacts feature to recover your Facebook profile.

After choosing your Trusted Contacts, you could add, edit or remove at anytime.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Facebook Has Introduced Picture Comment Features on Facebook Profile

Facebook have been trying to provide new facilities to its users as it's users growing up very rapidly.As a part of their effort, they have introduced new facilities called Facebook Picture Comment. So now and on users will not only can comment on other post, they can post Picture on others post.

The feature was created by Bob Baldwin and his team at one of Facebook's popular hackathons. By the new features, you will see a Camera icon into the comment section. See the picture below.

Facebook Has Introduced Picture Comment Features on Facebook Profile

By clicking on that camera, you will be able to upload a picture. So you can post something to someone's post not only in a text mode, but also in a graphically mode.So when you click and upload the photo, the photo will be inserted as a comment on the post.However at this time this facility is only for one picture.Which means you can upload only one picture at a time.

This feature is available for the web version.It is also available for mobile desktop version.Right this moment, it is not available for mobile applications which will be available later.

This feature supports most of the image format like JPEG,PNG,BMP etc but it is not supported the GIF format.

As this is a new feature, it might be not available to your profile,if so do not need to be worry. It will be in your profile very soon.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to get more Facebook Likes for a Facebook page-Top Ten Tips to get Facebook likes

Facebook is the most powerful and popular social media. Getting Facebook likes for the pages is a demand of time. Because Facebook is not only a social media, it has crossed its boundaries as many ways. It is also can be called as a business media. Millions of people are engaged with Facebook. So it is sort of requirements for every business to has a Facebook page.

As a result demand of Facebook page likes getting higher and higher. Now I am going to describe the best ways to get more Facebook likes for your Facebook pages. Here are the top ten way to get likes for Facebook page -

1) Choose a Facebook Page name wisely:

Choose a name for your page very wisely. Name should be easy to pronounce and search engine friendly. Now a day’s all search engines giving preference to social media very much. You can see search engine cache user updates in a real time. Look at the following picture -

Top Ten Tips to get more Facebook likes

Here i have Goggled for the keyword "facebook tutorial" and Google returns a Facebook page URL which has the keyword "facebook tutorial" in the page name. This result has found in the first page of Google. So if you choose a SEO friendly page name, you can get some organic traffic from different search engines. This is one of the important facts which you should not avoid.

2) Select a good Profile Picture and Cover Picture:

It is obvious that there is an impact in first impression. Choose a nice profile picture for your page. Facebook has added new feature for adding cover picture. Add a attractive cover picture with your page related information.

3) Invite your friends:

Page creation and update is not the only way to get success. You have to build audience. Invite your friends are one of the free and effective ways to get more Facebook likes for your page.

* Log in to Facebook
* Select your Facebook Page as i select my Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/FreeTutorial
* Click "Build Audience" section from the upper right corner. See the picture below-

How to get more Facebook Likes for a Facebook page

* Click "Invite Friends"

Another window will come up to choose your friends from your friend list. Check the friends who you want to invite and then click the submit button. An invitation will go to your friends to like your page.

4) Post updates regularly:

Update your page in a regular basis. Your updates are the contents of your page which user will like and follow. When you update more, your fans will get those updates. User will interact with that updates and those will be visible to more people in the Facebook. So your fan will be convinced that your page is a active page.

5) Update interesting post:

When you update your page, update useful and interesting contents. Remember no one wants to be bored by your contents. If you post something interesting and useful, user will be more interested about your page. They might be share your page or updates to their friends. This will circulate your page visibility into the Facebook community.

6) Select a custom URL for your page:

This is one of the best facilities from Facebook allowing its user to choose a vanity or custom URL for their page and profile. Choose a custom URL for your Facebook page. I have chosen a vanity URL for my Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/FreeTutorial. Check this out to know how to set custom URL for your Facebook page. One of the important reason to choose a custom URL is - it is good looking, easy to memorize and understand for the human.

You know when anyone create a Facebook page, there is a very long number as like www.facebook.com/pages/*******/469579319761827 which is completely Impossible to remember. If I choose a custom URL like - www.facebook.com/FreeTutorial where "FreeTutorial" is the custom URL that is more good looking and very much easy to remember for the human.

7) Use Facebook Page URL in your signature:

Here all we are trying to expand our Facebook page visibility into the online community. Use your Facebook page URL into your email signature, blogging signature and profile. If you are active in the blogging, use your Facebook Page URL after the comment. You can use your page URL into your visiting card as well.

8) Add Fan Page Like Box to your website:

If you have any blogs or website, place a like box into your website. You can generate a like box for your page by following this link  http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/. So if you have a sufficient amount of visitors, it has very much chance to likes from your visitors.

9) Comment on other popular pages as your page:

I am very much sure that you have observed that some Facebook pages have millions of fans. Either they are very much popular icon or they used paid advertisement. So you have to like those pages as your created page. When you like those pages, their updates will be available into your page timeline. Comment on their status and you can also ask them to like your page.

10) Buy Advertisement:

The easiest way to get more like is buy advertisement. Although it is easy but it is expensive. You have to spend some pennies to get likes. If you are able to spend some money, this will be the easiest and quick way to get likes for your page. There are couples of companies offering these facilities. But I would suggests facebook.com . Because all others method could be scam or it can give you temporary likes. But Facebook can give you the real fans.

* Select "Build Audience" menu from your page.
* Click "Create An Ad" from the menu.
* Fill up all necessary information to complete the process. After that your ads will be visible to the Facebook users.

Here i described the top 10 way to get more Facebook likes for your pages. Besides that your effort, hard work, dedication is also the keys to get success.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to ban or remove someone from a Facebook fan page

You know that Facebook page is very popular way to promote your business. It is not only uses for the promotions, it is also used for personal interest and other activities.Every pages has 1 or more page admin to maintain the pages and page activities. So you might be needed to ban or remove someone from your Facebook page for prohibited activities. Following steps will describes the way to ban or remove
someone from a Facebook page -

1) Log in to Facebook

2) Select your desired page

3) Click "See All" in the New Likes section as shown in the picture below.

How to ban someone from a Facebook fan page

4) After clicking "See All" section a window will come us as below.

How to remove someone from a Facebook fan page

Click (x) symbol besides the button "Make Admin". 

5) After clicking (x) symbol, a window will be appear as below.

How to ban permanently someone from a Facebook fan page

It will prompt "Are you sure you want to remove (username) from this page ?". If you want to ban the user permanently from your page, select the check box.If you select the check box, the user will have no option to interact with this page in future.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to post Facebook updates to Twitter automatically

Facebook and Twitter are both popular social networking website. Twitter is called micro blogging website. I think most of the people have both Facebook and Twitter account. If anybody have both account, it is little bit hassle to update both status by logging both sites.

If you can update your Twitter status from your Facebook status updates without any complexity, wouldn't it be so great? Lets see the easiest way to share Facebook update to Twitter -

1) Log in to Facebook.com

2) Follow this link - http://www.facebook.com/twitter

Here you will see all of your pages and your profile. Page will look like as below -

How to post Facebook updates to Twitter automatically

3) Click "Link to Twitter" Button.

After clicking the button, you will be redirected to another page where you will be prompted to enter your Twitter username and password to allow Facebook to update twitter.

How to share Facebook updates to Twitter automatically

4) Enter your Twitter username and password which will give the authorization to the apps.

5) Click Authorize App button.

Now happy Facebooking and happy Twitting. This is the most easy way to share Facebook profile or Facebook Page updates to Twitter automatically.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to set Facebook future post to a specific group or people

Facebook sharing is a great source of entertainment. Someone may use it for different purposes. As you can share all of your Facebook status to a specific group, you also can share it to specific Facebook friend, Groups, List etc. Here is detailed steps how to change privacy settings for Facebook status.

You can set the privacy to your status so that when you share something, always it will be visible to that group or people. Follow the steps -

1) Log in to Facebook.

2) Click "Privacy Settings" from the upper right corner. An interface will come up like below.Click Edit from the section "Who can see my stuff?".

How to set Facebook future post to a specific group or people

3) You will see your default sharing group here with a tick mark.

Facebook Status Privacy for Future Post

From the drop down box you could choose the your desired group like Friends, Public, Only to You, To your custom Facebook list or even a single person. After selecting your desired group or person, when publish a status it will only visible to that group or person.
Furthermore you could change the default group when you publish your status as like picture below -

Privacy Settings for Facebook Staus

Beware about your Facebook privacy and enjoy.

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